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Silver Rails Resort - La Plata, Missouri
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Pullman Court
Silver Rails Resort - Pullman Court The southwest corner of the site, nearest to the La Plata depot is tiered, to create three levels of track-mounted sleeping cars with unobstructed views to the BNSF main line. The car interiors are divided into 48 suites to accommodate individuals, couples, and families. The upper level of the tiered site affords surface parking, a furnished clubhouse, and retail convenience stores for the use of Pullman guests. Circulation between the cars, the clubhouse, the retail mall, and the parking area is covered and climate-controlled.

It is the intent that these accommodations are offered for sale to private owners as condominiums and when unoccupied, leased to visitors by Silver Rails on behalf of the owners.

Both owners and guests would be conveyed to the suites at Pullman Court by period station wagons or limousines and accorded VIP treatment throughout their stay. Once in residence, they would have access to all of the Resort's facilities.

National Passenger Rail Center
Silver Rails Resort - National Passenger Rail Center The 80,000-square foot National Passenger Rail Center (NPRC), just north and east of Pullman Court, is the only such museum facility devoted entirely to passenger rail travel. While featuring Amtrak history and equipment, commemorative presentations would incorporate and interpret many examples of past and present passenger rail travel. The NPRC is however far more than a commemorative facility. Much of the programmatic content would focus on the future of passenger rail transportation through real-time and interactive learning experiences that clearly demonstrate why rail transportation, with the benefit of advanced technology, will ultimately prove to be the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible means of passenger travel in the immediate and distant future.

The NPRC incorporates Tour-Train Station # 1, affording views into the galleries. After glimpsing the interior, guests destined for lodging within the resort will likely be motivated to make a thorough inspection later during their stay. The NPRC and Tour-Train Station are also conveniently accessible from the day-parking area to the east, for easy access by school groups and dedicated destination visitors.

Silver Rails Resort - National Passenger Rail Center Rolling stock bound for the NPRC is off-loaded from the main line to a spur south of the La Plata Depot and pulled or pushed on newlylaid standard gauge track leading to the NPRC. A transfer table, installed at the north end of the building, facilitates distribution of locomotives and cars to the four parallel display tracks within the NPRC.

The NPRC also includes a large format multi-use theater, several exhibit galleries, conservation, archival storage, rail-themed dining, and a generously sized retail shop. The main galleries are available for rent as event venues.

Depot Inn and Suites
Silver Rails Resort - Depot Inn and Suites The newly expanded 80 room Depot Inn continues to provide beautiful, rail-themed accommodations, as well as on-premise dining, indoor pool and fitness facilities and a variety of visitor amenities. The Inn remains highly visible from Highway 63 and accessible by automobile from Brown Street. Now however, for the first time, the Inn actually has a Depot! It is station #2 on the Tour-Train route. The station also serves the Shopping Village and Entertainment Complex just west of the expanded Inn. Access to and from the entertainment and shopping venues is climate-controlled, although exterior transition and access via landscaped walks is encouraged under favorable climatic conditions.

Silver Rails Resort - Depot Inn and Suites While welcoming stays of any length, the Depot Inn and other venues in the south section of the project are generally directed towards short-stay, overnight visitors.

In mind of that mission, the Inn offers ample parking along Brown Street, which may also be utilized for tour and school bus arrival and staging.

The Resort Hotel
Silver Rails Resort - Resort Hotel The 250-room Resort Hotel is the hub of the northern section of the project. It boasts the most elaborate of the Tour-Train Stations (#3) and an Events Center that can accommodate regional meetings and conventions for up to 1,500 attendees. The Hotel's unique dual entrance lobby is designed to accommodate guests arriving by either rail or road vehicles.

Dedicated valet parking is located close to the Hotel, but is landscaped in such a way as to be visually screened from hotel operations.

Fine dining and a full range of amenities are available to all guests…and of course, with the Tour-Train at their doorstep, the entire range of attractions at Silver Rails is easily accessible.

The Spa and Spa Gardens
Silver Rails Resort - The Spa and Spa Gardens Several selected acres just west of the Resort Hotel are home to a classic restorative retreat for those in search of a refreshing pause in their stressful lives. The Spa offers all of the personnel and facilities equal to the task of nurturing physical and spiritual needs. The Spa Gardens provide a magnificently landscaped interlude, with sculpted walks and oases, quiet streams, and filtered sunlight... all under translucent cover and always comfortably climate-controlled.

The Spa and Spa Gardens are complete with a modest number of guest rooms and full-service cabins, as well as restaurants and retail shops tailored to the health and wellbeing of their clientele.

Although tastefully secluded from other Silver Rails attractions, the Spa is quite close to the Resort Hotel and within walking distance in pleasant weather. It is, of course, always accessible by train at Tour- Train Station # 4, nestled under the all-weather canopy that soars overhead.

The Energy Farm and Pavilion
Silver Rails Resort - Energy Farm and Pavilion Separated from the Spa by the many acres of landscaped terrain through which train passengers experience the true essence of rail excursion, the Energy Farm and Pavilion are clearly defined by the tall wind-turbines and solar arrays spanning the northernmost reaches of the site. This benign looking complex is the source of energy that provides electricity for the entire project. The alternative energy system takes full advantage of the prevailing winds. Together with the cutting-edge solar panels and photovoltaic applications, it is a model for study in a world that must free itself from the tyranny of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources if we are to maintain our everincreasing global appetite for a mechanized society.

The Energy Pavilion interprets that rising demand and the consequences of resource depletion and lack of conservation on the future of mankind. The Pavilion employs a variety of interactive and experiential media to make the point.

The Energy Pavilion incorporates Tour-Train Station # 5.

The Water/Air Park And Activities Center
Silver Rails Resort - Water/Air Park And Activities Center Station #6 on the Tour-Train route is very likely to be the primary destination for the younger set. This unique multiacre activities park, including almost five acres under cover, raises the bar for traditional water parks by adding two additional components associated with locomotive operation: pneumatics that drive the pistons, translating vertical motion to horizontal force and traction that moves the vehicle forward on the tracks. The participatory, hands-on activities assembled here are each a demonstration of those principles - from the simple mechanics of the watering tower to wave pools, and from pneumatically driven mechanical rides to wind-streams of moving air that “float” you above the ground and provide forced-air sailing across a lake. All of these activities express the principles of physics that drive the railroad train.

Silver Rails Resort - Water/Air Park And Activities Center There's something for everyone here, including sophisticated computer games and simulations... all rail-themed!

Shopping Village and Entertainment Complex
Silver Rails Resort - Shopping Village and Entertainment Complex Some six acres of land are dedicated to a balanced configuration of boutique shops and cafés offering upscale goods and locally-produced craft and products, responsive to the culturally diverse community attracted to Kirksville by Truman State and the College of Osteopathy, the rural communities surrounding the site and the culturally homogeneous Amish society.

Silver Rails Resort - Shopping Village and Entertainment Complex An indoor theater, outdoor amphitheater, and informal performing venues dominate the landscape between the expanded Depot Inn and the Shopping Village. They offer a wide-ranging program of family entertainment throughout the year designed to appeal to all ages, tastes and interests. While certainly contributing to the varied menu of opportunity for Resort guests, the combined Shopping Village and Entertainment Complex will be particularly attractive to local residents and visitors. The conceptual site plan anticipates that eventuality by providing direct vehicular access from Owneby Street to on-site, dedicated short-term parking.

Missouri Pavilion of Arts And Culture
Silver Rails Resort - Missouri Pavilion of Arts And Culture Completing the family of venues in the southern section of the Resort, this 60,000-square foot combination of cultural museum and sculpture gardens is specifically dedicated to the myriad notable Americans associated with the region. Some, like Samuel Clemens, Walt Disney, and General “Black Jack Pershing,” are widely celebrated figures. Others, perhaps less well known, are significant contributors to the nation's affluence and wellbeing and a source of pride to their communities. The Pavilion incorporates Tour-Train Station #7 and, like all of the project venues, offers dining and retail opportunities. The Pavilion also offers a full range of participatory and educational programs, including tours to heritage destinations throughout the region.

Other than the Museum of Westward Expansion within the St. Louis Arch, Missouri does not have a major, stand-alone museum of cultural history. We therefore anticipate broad support from both public and private sources, in which case the Pavilion might well be publicly financed and operated.

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