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Silver Rails Resort - La Plata, Missouri
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Silver Rails Resort Conceptual Site Plan The Conceptual Site Plan developed to date identifies the two major parcels that comprise the project, adjacent peripheral public thoroughfares, and significant neighboring properties. The plan traces the Silver Rails Express - an internal narrow gauge route that links the project to the La Plata Amtrak Depot, creating a site-wide excursion ride that connects each of the internal attraction venues.

Direct access to the site by nationwide rail is facilitated through Amtrak service to the historic La Plata Depot and immediate transfer to the Silver Rails Express, which also serves the Depot. Primary vehicular access is made available via a newly created interchange on State Highway 63, somewhat north of the present turnoff for Brown Street and the Depot Inn.

Historic La Plata building The historic La Plata Depot is preserved and enhanced through the introduction of new spurs, sidings, and switches facilitating the movement of private cars and historic rolling stock between the main line and Silver Rails as well as transference of passengers between Amtrak and the Silver Rails Express.
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