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Silver Rails Resort - La Plata, Missouri
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While the southern Missouri metropolises of Kansas City and St. Louis, and travel destinations like Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks, host millions of new visitors each year, the northeastern corner of the state has not benefited proportionately from the burgeoning growth of tourism in the midwestern region. That realization has inspired the state, the cities of La Plata and Kirksville, and surrounding counties and communities to express enthusiastic support of the proposal to create a major tourist attraction on the outskirts of La Plata.
Conceptual visit to the Silver Rails Resort The Silver Rails Resort project conceived in response to that proposal is a unique assembly of dynamic recreational/educational venues and visitor services, driven by the railroad history, pastoral landscapes, cultural heritage, and lifestyles long identified with the area. Not only does the project optimize this multifaceted spectrum of characteristics, but it also embraces a substantial number of northeastern Missouri legacy sites as integral to the overall visitor experience.
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